Isernia and Surroundings

Founded in 1970, the province of Isernia is one of the youngest in Italy, as well as one of the smallest, with its hundred thousand inhabitants.
Its territory was inhabited by the Sanniti Pentri, which represented the core of what was then the population of the Sannio.
The presence of indigenous communities is also recorded in the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Neolithic. The oldest and most prestigious attestation is, however, the one left from the Palaeolithic human presence in the valley of the Quaternary "Pineta", on the outskirts of the city of Isernia.
The large surface area of the excavation Paleolithic, which has returned thousands of fossils and tools from a village Paleolithic of hunters men by about a million years ago, was rebuilt after years of research and is located in an exhibition at the Museum of S . "Maria delle Monache" in the center of Isernia.